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That Elevator Pitch

That Elevator Pitch

The sales gurus have always said: “Hone that 60 second elevator pitch.”A few days ago a marketing expert asked me: “What do you sell?” I had to think a moment as I don’t really “sell” – I empower.

So I said: “For 30 years now – I’ve sold Freedom.”

The guy chuckles and says: “That will never work, it says nothing and besides you can’t sell Freedom, it’s available to us free from charge.”

My turn to smile. I say: “In reality nothing comes free but there are freedoms that are worth the price.” I further explained …

(1) Entrepreneurs become business managers within a month of starting the business. They’ll tell you they’ve not taken any vacation, work 60 hours a week, and really don’t make much money. Not what I call freedom.

(2) Employees become workers, paper pushers, unhappy within two weeks of starting work. Same thing happens to those who return from vacation. The entrepreneur; a.k.a business owner, is so stressed out that he or she begins to dump work on the employee. Employees with great ideas and purpose soon become fearful of and for their jobs. They become just plain workers; not thinkers. Not at all productive.

(3) Everyone becomes so task oriented that everything suffers. They take their eye off the ball. Business owner thinks technology will fix it all. Technology is not the savior, technology is the tool that enables and empowers those thinkers and dreamers to bring reality to what would never have been.

So I finished my conversation with this nice person by saying: “In essence, I listen, ask, advise and coach many to a freedom filled way of life – A new way of managing their business and personal lives.” I stop these three scenarios from continuing to occur. I give them that very freedom they set out to find.

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