Show them the Way

I park my car at the local mega grocery chain. As I walk through the parking lot to the store, I notice all kinds of grocery carts. I walk in and the greeter says: “Welcome to Meijer.” I see at least seven people standing there wondering where the grocery carts are; myself included. The room where the grocery carts are usually held is empty.

I ask for the manager and receive instant response. The manager looks frazzled. I tell my story and suggest that if they’re going to run a grocery business that carts should always be there. I even offer to buy a few carts for them. The manager makes a phone call and within 5 minutes the cart room is full of carts.

I wonder how much time management spends with their cart staff. I wonder if the greeter is allowed to take action when they see no carts are available. I wonder if management does not appear to be fighting fires if they feel out of control and that they may lose their jobs.

That’s the problem. Those who tell others what to do are busy controlling rather than empowering. They are not educating staff on why they get paid; they are task focused. The managers should not be fighting fires they should be encouraging staff and on the floor ensuring all goes well.

While I suspect Meijer has many management meetings perhaps they have too few greeter and cart return staff meetings. Maybe staff should educate management?

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