You only know what you know.

Call it the Discovery Process or the Needs Evaluation, the danger is that you have spent too much time focusing on the software and not enough on the real needs. Vendors, Customers, and Employees are all impacted with a software implementation. You have to know the questions to ask and the way to ask them considering humans have various needs, wants, and knowledge.

The risk is that you are not willing to accept that you only know what you know. I know a fair amount about cars and in my younger years worked on them all the time. You know what? When I need a brake job, I take the car to a mechanic. He’s the expert. Takes him a fraction of the time it would me, and costs me a fraction of what it would cost if I did it. And he’s not going to screw it up. I probably will. Heck, If I tried it myself, I’d probably end up taking it to him to fix my mess.

Oh, and I can focus on what I really want to do and what I do best. I’m not putting my safety and the safety of those around me in the hands of an amateur – me.

So with an investment such as software, you’re dealing with the future of your business! Get the wrong match to your need and you’ve got a mess. Get the right match and you’ll be making lots of deposits in the bank account.

Bingo! Everyone’s happy and my banker and shareholders like what I’m doing.

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